• June 16, 2024

Tips for pruning the buxus ball

Boxwood can be pruned in many different ways, the most common form being in a hedge. But also round shapes of boxwood can be found regularly in gardens. A buxus ball is a nice addition if you want to create a playful garden.  The shape of the buxus ball can be a challenge when it comes to pruning. In this article we give some tips on how you can keep your buxus ball in shape.

  1. When you want to achieve a round shape, it is best to use a template or string as a guide. This way you can be sure that the ball keeps its shape.
  2. Start by pruning the sides of the ball. Then work your way to the top and bottom.
  3. Don’t be afraid to cut off larger branches. This will stimulate growth and make the ball fuller.
  4. Boxwood is a slow-growing plant, so don’t expect immediate results. Be patient and enjoy the process!

The best time to prune boxwood is in the month of May. Trimming the boxwood should be done twice a year, so it is best to do this in September as well. For the best result and to keep the shape, it is important to prune four times a year. March, May, July and September are the ideal months for this. Buxus balls can be cut with a serrated knife, electric pruning shears or hand shears. It is important that the blades of your tools are sharp, otherwise it will damage the plant.

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