• June 16, 2024

A happy spring – plant cheerfulness!

Anemone – cheerfulness!
In this and several subsequent blog articles, I would like to draw attention to some not-so-ordinary flower bulbs. Today the ANEMON. Anemones make you happy, try them!

Anemones bring colour to your life. Red stands for love, purple for hope and white for purity.
Anyone who knows something about colour psychology will appreciate anemones. They certainly cheer you up.

I just like the combination of soft and bright colours and love having them in the garden or in a vase at home.

There are as many as 120 species of anemone. We are talking about Anemone Coronaria, a herbaceous perennial plant from the Ranunculus family. A well-known series of anemones is the “De Caen Mix”, a mix of fun, cheerful colours.

Anemones can be planted from January to December. They flower from April to October. So plant them quickly and they will bloom quickly.

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