• July 21, 2024

Tips for pruning the buxus ball

Boxwood can be pruned in many different ways, the most common form being in a hedge. But also round shapes of boxwood can be found regularly in gardens. A buxus ball is a nice addition if you want to create a playful garden.  The shape of the buxus ball can be a challenge when it…

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A happy spring – plant cheerfulness!

Anemone – cheerfulness! In this and several subsequent blog articles, I would like to draw attention to some not-so-ordinary flower bulbs. Today the ANEMON. Anemones make you happy, try them! Colourful! Anemones bring colour to your life. Red stands for love, purple for hope and white for purity. Anyone who knows something about colour psychology…

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More birds in the garden

How to get more birds in the garden? Plant a tree How to get more birds? Trees add height to your garden. After all, a garden is not flat. Trees and shrubs give structure to your garden. When all the plants go into winter mode in the autumn, it is nice to see some trees…

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